Sunday, February 15, 2009

LG Hits Back With Solar-powered Phone

LG Hits Back With Solar-powered Phone

LG and Samsung are fierce rivals be it at home in Korea or abroad, and after hearing news of the Samsung Blue Earth, LG too has their own solar powered phone that will be unveiled at next week's MWC in Barcelona, Spain. This handset won't be as green as Samsung's offering as it won't be made from recycled materials, although LG does its part by using green packaging with the handset as well as printing the user manuals with soy ink on recycled paper. The solar panel of this LG handset is located on its battery cover, and every 10 minutes of sunlight exposure results in 3 minutes of talk time. There is no word on pricing, although LG will commercialize their version before 2009 bids adieu.

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