Friday, January 16, 2009

HTC to use NVIDIA's Tegra Processor?

HTC to use NVIDIA's Tegra Processor?

It has been reported that HTC, the famous smartphone maker, is going to tap into NVIDIA's Tegra application processor for an upcoming product or line of products. Doug Freedman at the American Technology Research is quoted saying that Tegra could add $100M to NVIDIA's revenue for the current first-half. This would mean that NVIDIA would sell millions of units (10M-15M is a wild guess).

And HTC might not be the only customer... We previously speculated that NVIDIA must be preparing something big with Microsoft because the company is now focusing on delivering an extraordinary hardware platform for Windows Mobile. There is a lot of competition in the application processors space, but we have no doubts that NVIDIA will try to leverage its graphics superiority to win.

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