Friday, January 16, 2009

Hopscotch Goes High Tech

Hopscotch Goes High Tech

With the advent of video games, it is a wonder whether kids of this generation know how to play hopscotch, let alone hear about it. Remember the good old days where we used to keep a stash of chalks from the classroom so that we can chalk up sidewalks and have our game there? Well, as with many other things, time and technology could bring a new look to this traditional game and designer Hye-Lim Jeon has decided to come up with the Dream Beam. This device will throw a projection of the hopscotch court without messing up the sidewalk with chalk. We suppose you could fix a really expensive projector by the sidewalk and do the same, but that won't be as practical as the Dream Beam. Unfortunately, it looks set to remain as a dream for a long time to come.

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