Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wal-Mart To Carry Asus Computers

Wal-Mart To Carry Asus Computers

Rumor has it that Asus "is expected to start marketing its notebooks through Wal-Mart in the second half of 2009” according to a DigiTimes report. Asus is poised to surpass the million mark in North America this year if all things don't go pear-shaped, improving upon the 650,000 notebook mark from last year. Asus has yet to release the individual breakdown of notebooks on offer, but it would be pretty silly of them not to market the ever expanding range of Eee PC netbooks there - after all, the pricing structure is in line with Wal-Mart's policy, which is cheap. It also remains to be seen whether these models will be sold in stores or if they’ll adopt an online-only approach.

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