Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tmsuk T-34 Plays Role Of Retarius

Tmsuk T-34 Plays Role Of Retarius

Remember the glory days of Rome and bloody battles fought in the Colosseum? Gladiators go up against each other, individuals who want nothing more than remain alive for another day giving their all to achieve that objective. The retarius is one of the more interesting gladiatorial roles, armed with a trident and net. This is what the Tmsuk T-34 robot does, albeit sans a trident to poke its human target after snaring him/her with a net. Designed by a Japanese robotics company alongside a security firm, the Tmsuk T-34 can be controlled through a cell phone complete with live video feedback - let's hope you stay in a place where dropped signals are not frequent less you miss the target completely. The T-34 is pretty speedy for a robot, moving along at 10kph to do its job of netting riff raffs of society. We suppose future versions will include nets that shock the victim for added effect.

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