Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Satellite Launched

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Satellite Launched

While some people go to extreme lengths in trying to keep things green, others like Japan as a country take a more peaceful route by launching a greenhouse gas monitoring satellite to space. This satellite is known as Ibuki (also called GOSAT - Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite) and will feature a couple of solar panels that generate 3.8 kW of power, allowing it to operate for 5 years on a sun-synchronous sub-recurrent orbit with a inclination of 98 degrees. The greenhouse gas observation sensor (TANSO-FTS) and a cloud/aerosol sensor (TANSO-CAI) found on the Ibuki satellite will then report to earth on who's naughty and nice, so nations that have yet to do anything about their greenhouse emissions had better do something about it unless you want a horde of Shelia Bolars to be unleashed upon your country.

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[Source: Ubergizmo]