Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I-Turtle Bops To Your Favorite Tunes

I-Turtle Bops To Your Favorite Tunes

Want something cute on your desktop without looking too feminine while you're at it? That's where Tiger Electronics' I-Turtle comes in. It functions pretty much in the same way as its predecessor, the I-Dog, by acting as an external speaker for your digital audio player. Not only does it respond to your tunes by grooving its body and bobbing its head, the I-Turtle is also capable of expressing a wide range of "emotions" through the blinking of a myriad of lights on its shell's surface. Now now, the turtle isn't exactly a good choice to us for a party animal (unless you're part of the TMNT crew) since those are pretty slow creatures on dry land, but a dog - we can identify with that. Still, if you want to bring home an I-Turtle, it will cost you $46 thereabouts.

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