Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Google Skimps On Christmas Bonus

Google Skimps On Christmas Bonus

Google, the company that prints money as a hobby is certainly not spared from the current economic woes that plague the world. In fact, it won't be dishing out cold, hard cash as a bonus to its employees this year but will instead try something different - all Google staff will receive a new HTC Dream (that's the T-Mobile G1 for the clueless) with the Android 'droid' logo behind. This special edition will come as an unlocked handset, so you'll need to seek out your own network provider if you want 3G connectivity. Up to 85% of Google staff will receive this handset, whereas the remaining ones will get a cash equivalent bonus in countries where the G1 is not supported. One the bright side, those at Google who use this Christmas present will probably come up with something better in the future after they experience its shortcomings first hand.

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