Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dead Man Talking

Dead Man Talking

Defense attorney John Jacobs kicked the bucket three years ago from pancreatic cancer and was buried with a fully charged Motorola T270, but Verizon has still been gleaning $55 off him every month. After all, his bills get paid promptly each month by his wife, and his cell phone number was even etched onto his gravestone right under the words "Rest in Peace". According to his wife Marian Seltzer, "some people talk to God; I talk to my deceased husband." So far she and her sons have all left messages on his voicemail. Seltzer does not plan on stopping her late husband's cell service though, although we think she can save $55 monthly by pretending to call the number. Either way, it is an outlet to let go, although the latter is free, right?

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