Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sony RHT-G Series Of HDTV Stands

Sony RHT-G Series Of HDTV Stands

Sony has released its latest RHT-G950 HDTV stand that is able to handle spanking new sets of 40" to 46", whereas the RHT-G1550 is more muscular in a sense where it caters to slightly larger TV models of 46" to 55". As for the RHT-G550, this is the baby among the three as it does just 32" to 40". Both the G950 and G1550 will host a 5.1-channel array of speakers that have 470- and 550-watts of power, respectively. The smaller G550 is less capable with just 3.1 and 330-watts. With over 12 selectable sound modes to choose from, three HDMI inputs, BRAVIA Sync support and a Digital Media Port where you can connect other devices like a Walkman, PC, phone or iPod, these are pretty much all you need for the moment. No idea on pricing but they ought to debut sometime between May and July. July time frame.

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