Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shoe Phone A Reality

Shoe Phone A Reality

Secret agent Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone is a classic by any standard, and while the idea seemed cool at the time when it was first introduced, we only realized how filthy it is to speak to one end of the shoe that has seen more dirty toilets than one would like to think about. Well, that has not stopped Paul Gardner-Stephen from coming up with his own wearable shoe phone that actually works just like a regular cell phone, although we would recommend one to purchase a pair that can be slipped on instead of dealing with pesky shoelaces. Gardner-Stephen made this project possible by hollowing out the heels on a pair of men's dress shoes with a chisel and screwdriver, filling up the cavity with a phone and a Bluetooth headset in the other. Charging this is going to be quite the smelly affair if you happen to suffer from excessively sweaty feet.

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