Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peek Pronto Teaser

Peek Pronto Teaser

Peek, the company that does email-only devices, has recently placed a teaser for Pronto on its Peek for Business site but taking it down shortly after - not too fast for sharp eyed folks to capture a screenshot of it. Apart from the name, nothing else is known about the Pronto (kinda like the Adamo in its early days) apart from it could actually be an email device that targets business users. Wait a minute here, we thought they already had that for years in the form of the BlackBerry. Ah well, hopefully the Peek Pronto is able to offer something new and different. A quick search on Google popped up the following description - "We’re introducing Peek Pronto – It includes some additional features and services that will make Peek mobile email even better." Do you think Peek for Pronto could be a new device or just an upcoming software update?

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[Source: Ubergizmo]