Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peek Pronto Supports Push E-mail

Peek Pronto Supports Push E-mail

Folks who grew up on their BlackBerries and have been enjoying the wonders of push e-mail for years will finally be able to give a shot at another email-only device known as the Peek Pronto. This messaging machine will support push e-mail by including Microsoft Exchange support for business users. In addition, the interface has also been given a facelift to achieve a 50% increase in speed, while SMS support enables users to talk straight to other cell phone users for the first time. Forget about 3G connectivity still, as the Peek Pronto will be powered by T-Mobile USA's EDGE data network for its messaging functions, supporting up to five e-mail accounts simultaneously. The Peek Pronto will retail for $80 a pop and comes with a compulsory $20 monthly subscription for unlimited e-mail and texting.

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