Thursday, March 19, 2009

Graphics Chip For Smartphones

Graphics Chip For Smartphones

While smartphones of today are much more capable gaming machines compared to their predecessors, they are still no match for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS when it comes to a real complex title, never mind the DS' rather limited graphical processing power. Imagination Technologies aims to offer smartphone users a future gaming option with its initial multi-core, smartphone-class graphics chip in the PowerVR SGX 5XTSeries. Known as the SGX543MP, it comes in at least a dual-core version and can scale up to 16 cores depending on the version. A standards 200MHz, 4-core chip is able to render a peak 133 million polygons per second (4.4 million polygons per frame) while drawing as many as 4 billion pixels per second. Sounds pretty impressive, but all these are just figures on paper so it will take a real world gaming application to see just how near (or far away) the actual figures actually are.

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