Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Durabook RT10 Rugged Tablet PC

Durabook RT10 Rugged Tablet PC

Do you like the tablet PC form factor the most among all other computer designs? Well, why not make sure the tablet you're getting is durable enough to withstand the knocks and tumbles of life, with the Durabook RT10 from GammaTech. This fully-rugged machine is able to withstand drops of up to 4 feet, and with Intel Health technology, you will be able to use it in conditions where humidity levels have reached an amazing 90% without worrying about condensation building up on the inside. Also, it works just fine on the other end of the spectrum at 10% humidity. This machine is also fully sealed, making it suitable for use in healthcare environments so that it won't carry germs as the doctor totes this around from one patient to another. Not only that, the Durabook RT10 can be sanitized with alcohol, bleach and other cleaning agents without missing a beat.

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