Monday, February 2, 2009

Yahoo Scraps Plan For Yahoo One Phone

Yahoo Scraps Plan For Yahoo One Phone

Yahoo is not going to jump aboard the cell phone bandwagon just yet amidst some rather turbulent news of CEO Carol Bartz's daughter being caught playing with a prototype of the handset that comes pre-loaded with Yahoo services, as well as word of a top Yahoo mobile executive leaving amidst whispers of folks getting the axe. So far Yahoo has issued a non-denial denial, claiming that whatever you have just read has "no basis in fact" without giving further notice concerning the phone project. As for Bartz, she says she has no knowledge of firings or staff departures, while partners Motorola and AT&T have decided to keep mum on the matter when contacted. At least one thing's for sure - Bartz seems like a no-nonsense person who knows what Yahoo should delve in and what it shouldn't.

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