Monday, February 2, 2009

SOLiCharger Targets iPhones

SOLiCharger Targets iPhones

Solar powered chargers are no longer a novelty these days as they're getting more and more common, but it is still pretty hard to pinpoint a solar charger that was developed specifically for the iPhone alone. SolLight sees this as a market opportunity by releasing the SOLiCharger that retails for $39.95 a pop. Apparently, four hours of direct sunlight will fully charge up your phone, although if you're worried about giving your precious handset a sunbath and permanent tan, there is always the less manly option of hooking it up via USB. We wonder whether prolonged exposure to direct sunlight while charging will adversely affect the iPhone in any way. Has anyone's iPhone melted when left unattended on a dashboard of a car in the desert?

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