Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sola Linguistic Device

Sola Linguistic Device

Don't you sometimes wish that we were living in times before the tower of Babel was constructed? After all, if that ambitious engineering project were never to have taken place, perhaps all of us could still be communicating in a single language instead of the thousands upon thousands of dialects and languages available around the world today. The Sola (Sound On Learning Active) linguistic device aims to help us out, as there are working prototypes available already. Originally developed by students who intend to communicate easily with exchange students in Mandarin, this device merges both work and play methodology in order to maximize one's learning skills. The language base is part of the gaming environment in order to make learning more fun, and this allows one to pick up a foreign tongue much faster than in a boring classroom setting. Sola comprises of a Bluetooth headset, a tracking webcam and a projector. Users wear interactive bangles on the hands so that one's moves can be manipulated on the project game screen. Sounds really neat, eh?

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