Friday, February 6, 2009

Sanyo ALBO Digital Photo Frame

Sanyo ALBO Digital Photo Frame

What makes Sanyo's ALBO digital photo frame different from the rest apart from its slightly unorthodox form factor? Well, this retro-styled digital frame also functions as your desktop RSS reader, freeing up some space on your computer's monitor to place other more interesting visuals instead. The ALBO is smart enough to fetch RSS feeds that you have programmed it to do, including those from Flickr for you to enjoy the latest image uploads from friends and family. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity, a multi-memory card slot and the ability to synchronize whatever is on it to your online Picasa photo album. Apart from that, you get the usual nitty gritty like clock and calendar functions among others. We don't think the ALBO is worth the $676 price point - do you?

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