Monday, February 2, 2009

Rubiks Cube Goes Round

Rubiks Cube Goes Round

Figuring out how the Rubik's Cube works can be quite a challenge, although with the advent of the Internet, finding a solution to most problems are pretty easy. What happens when you go up head-to-head against the Rubik 360? As its name suggests, the Rubik 360 (nothing to do with Microsoft's console, of course) will come in the form of a sphere, and you can be at the German toy industry fair this February 5th to check it out as it will be unveiled there. The whole Rubik 360 works by requiring players to get a number of colored balls from a clear inner sphere into their matching slots on the outer sphere - this is achieved by shaking the balls through a middle sphere that contains but a couple of holes. Would you spend time on this, or would you rather stick to Sudoku?

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