Sunday, February 22, 2009

Protective Helmet Design Concept

Protective Helmet Design Concept

Designer Tom Gaunt has come up with a new design for a protective helmet that comprises of two major sections - the hood and rashvest, with the other being a hard shell. The former is comprised of a curious blend of bamboo fibres, recycled polyester and spandex which helps protect the user from UV rays, cold water and the biting cold of a wind. As for the hood that is connected to the rashvest, it is made out of neoprene Velcro for further protection against cold water and wind chill. The quartet of hard shell components is attached to the hood individually. Some of the positive points from such a setup include a certain level of customization, and should an accident break one of the shells, you can just replace the broken part instead of getting a whole new helmet. What do you think?

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