Sunday, February 15, 2009

PointUI Windows Mobile Shell Receives Bouquets

PointUI Windows Mobile Shell Receives Bouquets

The PointUI Windows Mobile shell has been taken out for a spin by our friends at Gizmodo, and here's what they have to say about it.

A quick test leaves us with this tentative verdict: it's awesome. A new, skinnable UI veils most of your common Windows Mobile functions, only subjecting you to the standard interface in a few instances (most notably, texting). The system supports extensible applets, and comes with a few obvious ones: a today screen, weather, messaging and tasks. These all sit within a somewhat complex but easily navigable finger-friendly top interface, which lets you swipe through screens quickly and smoothly. The skin reaches pretty far, covering everything from your contact list and your message inboxes to your settings panels and calendar. This version doesn't have all of the features listed at the project page, as some aren't yet completed and others will only be present in the forthcoming paid version of the app. There will be a free home version which, if this beta is any indication, I suspect will be more than usable. PointUI Home 2's best feature has to be just how well it runs.

Gizmodo even went on to mention that PointUI is much more smoother to use compared to HTC's commendable TouchFlo 3D and Samsung's TouchWiz efforts, and this could very well revive the flagging Windows Mobile fortunes in the long run.

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