Sunday, February 22, 2009

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Scooter

Piaggio's MP3 is not a portable audio player, but is actually a three-wheeled hybrid scooter that will appear in Italy and Spain later this summer. The Piaggio MP3 is able to travel for approximately 12 miles on a single full charge, but should you need to go further, you can always rely on the MP3's single cylinder, 250cc gas-powered engine. Piaggio has also included regenerative braking in the package. As for its electric motor being used in tandem with the gas-powered engine, you ought to be able to touch 140 miles per gallon at low speeds. The built-in lithium ion battery pack will take around 4 hours to recharge, and we are looking at an expected price range of €8,000 to €10,000 when it arrives on Europe's doorsteps later this year.

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[Source: Ubergizmo]