Sunday, February 15, 2009

OXO Pet Wash Kit Concept

OXO Pet Wash Kit Concept

Some dogs have pretty melancholic temperaments, making it a snap to give them a bath while other more fiesty ones can be quite a challenge, where you might require to enlist the help of another person just to give Lassie a long-overdue bath. With the OXO Pet Wash Kit concept, however, it is hoped to make this task much easier no matter how excited your pooch is. Comprising of a rubber anti-slip mat; silicone suction cup, a brush and portable container, all you need to do is place the rubber mat inside the area where you want to perform the bathing as the mat offers a much more stable place for your pet to stand (doubling up as a floor protector against scratches). Plug the silicone suction cup to the floor of the bath and leash it around your pet's neck so that there is no way out (sounds like some WWE pitch now). As for the brush, it features retractable bristles that leaves nothing but shed-hair behind for easy cleaning. We sure hope the OXO Pet Wash Kit concept will materialize one day.

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