Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nikon D5000 Rumor Making Its Rounds

Nikon D5000 Rumor Making Its Rounds

Rumors are often the truth when it comes to product launches, and today we have word that the Nikon D5000 could potentially be announced on an official basis at PMA next month, and folks expect the D5000 to share pretty much a similar performance graph as the high-end D90. One of the major improvements in the D5000 is touted to be an increase in the number of autofocusing points that currently stand at just three on the D40 and D60. It is said that Nikon hopes to reduce costs by forcing the lenses to come with their own autofocus motors instead of integrating it into the camera body as with the case of the D90. Do you think the D5000 is real, or is it just the product of an overactive imagination?

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