Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nano Breathe Checks For Diseases

Nano Breathe Checks For Diseases

Applied Nanodetectors Ltd. (AND) from the UK is currently parading a prototype cell phone at the International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference that is able to detect various diseases simply by analyzing the user's breath. The phone itself is made by Nokia, featuring AND's chip inside that features integrated sensors which are able to detect minute traces of different gases including CO2, NOx and ammonia (NH3). Once detected, the chip will get to work by analyzing the composition of the user's breath while tabulating the density of each gas. The results will be compared against characteristics of various diseases in order to detect whether one is possibly suffering from a certain type of disease or not. Sounds cool, but the phone is still a long way off from being commercially available. If only the phone will print out my sick leave as well, saving me a trip to the doctor's while I stay home and away from work.

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