Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mio Maamin GPS For Jews

Mio Maamin GPS For Jews

Jews are often on the receiving end of tyranny, rockets and ridicule over the course of history, but at least they have something good going on here today, thanks to the Mio Ma'amin (Believer) GPS navigation system. Specially designed for Orthodox Jews, it will retail for approximately $240 in Israel sometime later this month, and will feature Jew-centric specifications such as :-

  • Special POI for holy sites, synagogues, cemeteries and ritual baths

  • Man’s voice for directions

  • Book of Psalms

  • Three daily prayer services

  • Traveler’s Prayer

  • Hebrew calendar

  • Two versions of Grace After Meals

We would like to reiterate that this is no early April Fool's joke, and can't help but wonder whether the Israelites would have taken a week to enter the promised land if Moses had the Mio Ma'amin instead of wandering around for forty years.

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