Monday, February 2, 2009

Leyio Personal Sharing Device

Leyio Personal Sharing Device

The whole idea behind the Leyio Personal Sharing Device (PSD) is rather thought provoking - it might be a standard 16GB flash drive at first glance, but it will also come equipped with security and sharing functions. Thanks to UWB (Ultra-wideband) radio technology, the Leyio is able to send and receive data to and from other Leyio PSDs in the vicinity. For folks who are worried about growing a tail or third hand if the Leyio catches on, don't be worried about it since UWB operates at low energy levels which makes it more resistant to interference, at the price of a short range. Speed is a non-issue here for casual file transfers - a 3MB photo supposedly takes around 0.3 seconds to exchange. Other features include a fingerprint scanner for greater security. The Leyio Personal Sharing Device will be out in the UK sometime this March or early April, but there is no word on pricing yet.

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