Monday, February 2, 2009

Garmin FR60 Watch

Garmin FR60 Watch

Do you miss the days where a watch is a watch is a watch, and did nothing else but tell the time accurately along with the date? Well, we don't, and instead love our timepieces to function not only as a fashion statement but a technological wonder as well. The Garmin FR60 watch might mislead some into thinking that there is a built-in GPS system (no thanks to the brand name's strong association in the GPS business), whereas this is a watch that quietly monitors data from your workout while sending stored data over to your computer for analysis when within a Wi-Fi network. The Garmin FR60 works well with any ANT+ fitness device including heart rate monitors, foot pods, or home and gym equipment. You can choose from his and hers models, and both are able to track and record data for up to 15 hours in addition to 100 laps of detailed exercise data. Needless to say, such a rugged watch is water resistant to cater to those water babies who love wearing one of these puppies.

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