Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Force Your G1 To Update

Force Your G1 To Update

Nice to see the tables turned for once, as we humans can now force our device to work as we like instead of them screwing up when we're halfway through a crucial task. We're talking about the T-Mobile G1 and a method to force it to update instead of sitting down, watching paint dry while waiting for an over-the-air (OTA) update. Here are the following steps in accomplishing this :-

1. Download the RC33 update file
2. Rename it to “update.zip”
3. Copy update.zip to a freshly formatted microSD card
4. Reboot and flash your G1 with the new RC33 firmware
5. Disconnect your T-Mobile G1 from your computer if you used the data cable to access the microSD card
6. Turn off the handset by holding down the “Power” button
7. Turn it back on while holding down the “Power” (End Call) and “Home” buttons
8. When you see “Triangle” icon, open the keyboard and press “Alt” and “L” simultaneously
9. When you see some yellow text, press “Alt” and “S” simultaneously
10. Follow the on-screen instructions
11. Press “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously when you’re done and ready to reboot
12. The G1 will reboot as it does its thing - let it do so.
13. Enjoy RC33 with Google Latitude support and Google Voice Search!

Pretty simple, no?

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