Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Digi-Mug Leaves Quite An Impression

Digi-Mug Leaves Quite An Impression

The Digi-Mug is actually a digital photo frame that is somehow fitted into a mug, reminding you that you're a married man while you sip on your coffee as your straying eye starts to dart around the room full of summer interns, hoping to catch a cutie in the process. It comes with a measly 1MB of internal memory, although that ought to be enough to store approximately 50 of your favorite photos that will be displayed on its 1.5" color display. Not only that, the display can be turned to show the current time in either analog or digital formats. Supported file formats include BMP and JPG, complete with back light control. A rechargeable lithium battery runs the whole show, and is it waterproof?

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