Friday, February 6, 2009

Blinkx New Design: "Inform Me" and "Entertain Me"

Blinkx New Design:

Today, Blinkx, the video search engine, is launching its new version. The exploration process is getting more intuitive with the new buttons "Inform me" and "Entertain Me" which give access to the top news stories and the most popular viral videos. The user interface is pretty cool with innovative patented new features: the speech tags are extracted automatically by the Blinkx software and can be used to navigate within the video or to find related videos. The navigation within the video using speech tags is not that intuitive, it is a cool feature that needs some improvement. Using facial recognition, Blinkx give access to the faces that are featured in a video, allowing users to jump to the scene featuring a specific person by clicking on his/her face picture. Other new features include "similar scenes" displayed as a story board, and "similar videos" (see screen shot above).

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