Sunday, February 22, 2009

biOrb Life Fish Tank

biOrb Life Fish Tank

Some people keep fish as a hobby, and the more serious ones would normally take extra care when purchasing an aquarium. For newbies, there is always the biOrb Life fish tank to help them out. Made from transparent toughened Perspex with a colored middle piece, you will find a subtle LED light located at the top. This is a low-powered light that helps illuminate the water and cycles trhrough sunrise, sunset and midnight blue hues with the help of a timer. Not only does the changing colors look great, it also benefits the fish inside as it simulates their natural environment. You will be able to choose from 30 to 60 liter tank sizes, and each purchase will be accompanied by an automatic LED light and Reef One’s advanced filtration system to further reduce maintenance. You can pick up the 30, 45 and 60 liter tanks for £203, £239 and £269, respectively.

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