Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Archos Internet Media Tablet Out This Year

Archos Internet Media Tablet Out This Year

Texas Instruments has announced that a new Archos Internet Media Tablet will be out by the third quarter of the year if all goes well, and this will be powered by TI's very own OMAP3 processor. What will this new Internet Media Tablet bring to the seemingly overcrowded world of devices? Well, it is touted to be the offspring of a union between "Google's Android telephony stack and the Archos multimedia framework." Measuring a mere 0.39" thin, the device will be equipped with a 5" high resolution display (WVGA most probably), integrated 3.5G connectivity, a maximum storage capacity of 500GB, 7-hour video runtime, HD video support and a "PC-like Internet experience" with Adobe Flash and full-screen Flash video playback. No idea on how much this thing will cost, but are you excited about lugging this around?

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