Sunday, February 15, 2009

Acoustibuds From Burton Ideas

Acoustibuds From Burton Ideas

Burton Ideas is the brain behind the Acoustibuds earphone attachment which was specially designed to enhance the sound of earphones so that you have a more comfortable fit. These are attached to the speaker segment of earphones and they look like tiny cones with flexible fins on the outside. Thanks to the cone-like shape, it places the earphone deeper within the user's ear, enabling audio to be channeled in an even more direct manner to the eardrum, with the flexible fins coming in handy to keep things comfortable and in place. With megaphone-like amplification on low volume levels, the Acoustibuds also help to reduce outside noise from tarnishing your audio experience. We're not sure whether this $20 accessory will encourage folks to crank up the volume even more in the process.

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