Sunday, February 22, 2009

3DFMax Displays Requires No Glasses

3DFMax Displays Requires No Glasses

Everyone knows that most 3D displays will require some sort of special glasses to work well, but these tend to make you look extra dorky when wearing them while giving you a nasty headache after a while. Well, 3DFusion aims to change all that with the new 3DFMax broadcast-ready 3D display platform that are stereoscopic glasses-free. It is built upon the Philips 3D Solutions base, featuring 2D Plus Depth format that helps enhances and augments the 3D advancements so that you can do away with pesky stereoscopic glasses while watching its content. Meant for advertising purposes and not home use, it remains to be seen just how much one will have to pay for this, but the results will be stunning to say the least - at least until the novelty of 3D displays run thin. [Press Release]

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