Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vtech V.Motion Wishes To Be A Wii

Vtech V.Motion Wishes To Be A Wii

Unfortunately, it just can't, and will remain as a cheap substitute for kids who want a Wii and its waggle controls. It is kind of sad seeing a product trying its level best to emulate the success of another, and yet not putting much thought into industrial design and appeal to make it sell. Sure, you don't have to go ahead and clone the form factor to fool people into buying it on the cheap, but at least there ought to be signs of serious effort put in, and the $60 spent on the Vtech V.Motion surely doesn't measure up. It will come with eight games that are playable when connected to the TV, but we doubt your toddlers will stick with it long enough until they bug you for the real thing.

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