Thursday, January 29, 2009

Universal Remote Control PSX-2 Personal Server

Universal Remote Control PSX-2 Personal Server

Universal Remote Control has released its PSX-2 Personal Server that enables custom installers to deliver iPod docking functionality to those who want to have a fully integrated home entertainment experience with their diminutive portable media player. The PSX-2 Personal Server offers unprecedented control over the iPod from the remote control, the very same device that is used to wield influence over the TV and home audio system as well.

The PSX-2 provides hundreds of discrete IR codes that cover virtually every iPod function, and even functions that aren’t available on the iPod itself, such as commands for each of the iPod’s EQ settings and the ability to perform alpha searches. Through the remote and a connected TV, or even without a TV using URC’s top-of-the-line MX-6000 Touch Screen, users enjoy the type of vibrant and colorful user interface previously available only with dedicated music servers. URC’s innovative KP-900 Wireless Keypad can be used with the PSX-2 to enjoy an iPod stream in a second zone in the house, such as the kitchen. The PSX-2 enables an iPod to function similarly to a more expensive dedicated music server, delivering a rich level of metadata, such as Cover Art, Artist, Album, Song, Track Number, Elapsed time, Shuffle and Repeat. Shortcut keys allow direct access to Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Videos, Music Videos and Podcasts. The PSX-2’s 12 different shuffle options, such as “Shuffle all Songs,” “Shuffle this Artist” and “Shuffle this Genre,” are all on one screen and easily accessible. The user can access cool features like “Play More from this Artist”, “Play More from this Album” and “Play More from this Genre,” while the PSX-2’s Jukebox feature makes creating an ongoing playlist for a party a breeze; users can even listen to tunes while browsing and adding music to the jukebox. Even iPod-based video benefits from the PSX-2. Its HD-quality component video output provides the best picture quality the iPod has to offer.

For even greater convenience, whenever you dock your iPod in the PSX-2, it will also synchronize to any PC or Mac on the home network so that your iPod will always be well stocked with the latest iTunes downloads and photos, ready to keep you entertained whenever you step out of the house. The PSX-2 Personal Server will retail for $399 a pop. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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