Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SoundClip For The iPhone 3G

SoundClip For The iPhone 3G

Ten One Design has rolled out a new passive sound enhancer for the iPhone 3G known as the SoundClip. It won't come in a luxurious material being made out of plastic, but at least that will help keep costs down. The SoundClip connects to the dock connector and aims to direct sound from the iPhone's integrated speaker right at the user. Not only that, it also doubles up as a port protector while preventing the user's hand from accidentally covering the speaker when engaged in activities such as gaming. The SoundClip is touted to amplify iPhone audio by 10dB between 5kH and 20kHz, but we'll leave the results to our readers who have already tried it out. Remember when we said about plastic being used to keep costs down? Well, the SoundClip is relatively dirt cheap at $8 a pop.

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