Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sound Blaster For iTunes

Sound Blaster For iTunes

Creative Labs has just released its Sound Blaster for iTunes - a USB dongle that will wirelessly stream music to virtually any room in your home as long as you have a Wireless Receiver (from Creative Labs, of course) hooked up to speakers. In addition, Sound Blaster for iTunes is also functional with the new GigaWorks T20W speakers that feature a built-in receiver. The dongle looks pretty long, and an unwitting person who brushes against it might actually break it off at the USB connector point - I might be paranoid here, but this is a longstanding fear that I have. If you're interested, the Sound Blaster for iTunes transmitter will retail for $99 while the Creative Wireless Receivers will cost $30 less. If you're up for it, the GigaWorks T20Ws will set you back by $129.99. Look out for the Sound Blaster for iTunes this spring.

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