Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sony Aims For Surface-like Inkjet Printer

Sony Aims For Surface-like Inkjet Printer

Sony isn't in great shape at this point in time, but let's keep our fingers crossed that they won't stop innovating. One of their latest projects draw inspiration from Microsoft's Surface technology which allows photos in a digital camera placed on the Surface table to be transferred sans wires automatically, leaving them out for all and sundry to see. Sony hopes to emulate that in a smaller form factor of an inkjet printer that boasts a touchscreen display. The patent is known as “Image forming device, having an ejection tray, and a display is mounted to a cover” and will feature an ejection tray in addition to the touchscreen surface, allowing digital photos to be produced in a physical format in a cool way. No idea on when this will hit the market if ever, but would it be just a novelty item or an essential addition to modern homes worldwide?

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