Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Solargon Smart Cabins

Solargon Smart Cabins

So you've got an electric bike to get around town, what next? Why not try the Solargon Smart Cabin instead? This is an ecologically-sound dwelling which takes on an octagonal form factor, and you'll need a gist of DIY skills to erect the smart cabin yourself. It will take a few hours to bolt all the specially insulated panels together, and if you can afford to drop $24,000, you will enjoy a 20-foot diameter model that has approximately 700 square feet of space alongside a vestibule option that allows you to hook up multiple cabins. Kinda reminds us of those hamster homes that are sold in pet shops, no? It would be interesting to see if Solargon homes will catch on in the future, but just how secure it is against break-ins?

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