Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sniper Gaming PC Chassis

Sniper Gaming PC Chassis

CM Storm recently released its Sniper gaming grade PC chassis that was developed in conjunction with several of the world's top gaming clans, including SK-Gaming, Team Fnatic and mousesports. Well, such endorsements from the higher ups often go some way in moving sales figures, but at the end of the day, it won't really enhance your gaming ability by that much a margin (at least, we believe the law of diminishing returns apply here). After all, how many of you out there have a professional grade gaming mouse that Fatal1ty uses, splurging out much more than a standard mouse but achieving a couple of percentage points in terms of victories, or even worse, fared the same as before? Guess star appeal is what most people pay for, and the Sniper PC chassis does offer pleasant looks including three huge fans, a 200mm blue LED fan in the front, a top exhaust 200mm LED fan and another optional 200mm VGA intake. In addition, you also get half a dozen 120-140mm fan locations to keep things inside running nice and cool. It has all the expansion bays you need (or want), so this chassis ought to last you for some years to come - at least long enough for you to pay off the loan you took to purchase it.

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