Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumor: Palm Pre To Launch Next Month

Rumor: Palm Pre To Launch Next Month

Whispers along the grapevine have reached our ears, and apparently the Palm Pre will keep to its 1H 2009 launch window, although we were surprised to hear that it will be as early as February 15th. If that were true, guys who have forgotten all about Valentine's Day can always pick it up the day after and use the excuse that Palm's release date was screwed up, which is why they could not get the present on time. That aside, the tipster for the February 15 launch date is the same source that mentioned the Treo 800w's release date, but otherwise, there is no money down on a guarantee. After all, rumors are supposed to be delicious morsels that are swallowed by gullible people, right? Don't forget to wash down that pinch of salt with plenty of water now.

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