Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rumor Of Robotic Princess Masako

Rumor Of Robotic Princess Masako

You know how huge the robotics industry in Japan is like, and here is something to think about. Japan’s Crown Princess Masako apparently made a rare public appearance with other members of the royal family to greet and wave to crowds gathered at the Imperial Palace on January 2nd this year as Emperor Akihito offered his annual New Year’s greetings then. The rather stiff Masako's waves seemed robotic, and a supposedly exclusive photo from the back will surely cause a furore at the Imperial Palace (no, not the one at Vegas) if it were true. Our guess is this is some creative Photoshop work done up to drum up some buzz on the Internet, as surely no government or royal family in the world would be so crazy as to try a robotic replacement, right? Well, maybe we can include North Korea on this one.

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