Thursday, January 22, 2009

Riiflex Weights For The Wiimote

Riiflex Weights For The Wiimote

Any notion that playing enough Wii will get your fitness levels up is more or less a myth - you won't really burn that many calories, and the time spent with the Wii could have been invested in a real fat burning session at the local gym. Still, Riiflex aims to change that notion by turning your Wiimotes into dumbells via 2lb and 5lb cases. The design allows for a trigger port that provides the gamer with total access to all of the Wiimote's buttons, ensuring that sweating it out and building those biceps won't interfere with you trouncing your opponent in Wii Boxing. The Riiflex weights are now up for pre-order although there is no finalized price point just yet - it would be nice to see a nunchuk version in the works though.

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