Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink Meletta Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Pink Meletta Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Mimobot USB flash drives have always been adorable little critters, although they aren't exactly the best candidate when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Most people collect these for its designs than anything else, and we now have yet another candidate to add to your collection - the all-lady Pink Meletta who has just budded into a lady, ready for romance and all. Just in case she looks familiar, that's because the original Meletta hailed from the initial tokidoki x Mimobot series, and she has grown up to fall in love now. Her first kiss (no doubt underneath a mistletoe during last Christmas) has turned her cheeks into a constant state of black-and-pink blush. This is a suitable Valentine's Day gift, and each purchase will come with a limited edition Mimobot Mimory content that comprises of screensavers, wallpapers and icons among others. Available in capacities of 1GB to 8GB, the Pink Meletta Mimobot will start from $24.95 upwards.

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