Monday, January 19, 2009

Panasonic Supports SDXC Cards

Panasonic Supports SDXC Cards

It is a no brainer that Panasonic, being a founder of the SD Card Association, will be supporting the new SDXC format in its new range of devices. Guess we can look forward to Panasonic camcorders that do high definition video recording without worrying about space issues anymore, since the SDXC standard is able to store up to 2TB of data with read/write speeds of 300MB/s. There is no word on pricing or availability of Panasonic’s SDXC memory cards, although that will surely be announced at a future date. The Japanese company has plans to roll out a 64GB SDXC memory card as its first baby step though, and that will surely challenge lower end SSDs. It does make us wonder - will SDXC usurp SSDs in the long run considering their much larger capacity in theory?

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