Thursday, January 29, 2009

Next-gen Apple iPhone Rumor

Next-gen Apple iPhone Rumor

Could what you see on the right actually be evidence of the next generation iPhone known as "iPhone2,1"? After all, Apple has had a track record of using such model numbers to tell between different hardware models, so we could be looking at a hardware refresh sometime in the near future. The first iPhone had model number "iPhone 1,1" while its successor, the highly coveted iPhone 3G is labeled "iPhone 1,2". Same goes for the iPod touch with its first and second iterations, and we're just buzzing in anticipation while crossing our fingers, hoping that these rumors are true. After all, doesn't a new iPhone with Multi-Core CPU support and the possibility of Multi-Core GPU support make you drool? After all, something must be done to go up against the highly rated Palm Pre even before it is released.

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