Monday, January 19, 2009

Japanese Get Faster Vaio P

Japanese Get Faster Vaio P

Sony plays the home ground advantage card yet again with the recently announced Vaio P netbook. For those who don't want the specifications that came with the CES 2009 announcement, there is always another option - picking one up from Sony Japan. This foreign Vaio P is adequately powered by a 1.86GHz processor, and it will cost you a whopping $1,500 upwards despite lacking 3G radio and GPS. On the bright side, you do benefit from a 3-year retailer warranty, better High Definition video and gaming experience on the go. Still, are those worth the price you have to pay? We think not - unless you're still feeling flush in these economically challenging times. Shipping for the Japan-based Vaio P will commence from February 12 onwards, making it a candidate for a last minute Valentine's Day present.

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